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Sex Education in the World Today

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I am of the alarming opinion that American and United Kingdom sex education is rather on the deficient side, crazy as my opinion might sound to this blog’s typically well-informed readers.

Nevertheless, even if that is so, there is fair and just cause for joint UK – USA pride.

We both beat India.

Hands down.  We both beat India when it comes to sex ed.  Yes, despite that India seems destined to sooner or later take it’s place as a world economic powerhouse (along with all the likely consequences of that), anyone taking a look at the current state of sex ed in India might be forgiven for despairing that the nation will ever wake up enough to quit pretending its 190 million adolescents are wholly asexual.

“I tell you, Alisha, sex education is Western Imperialism at its worst!  Is that not obvious?  The Westerners want us to have sex!  That is the sole purpose of their educational programs.  To force upon the Indian people sex!”

“You are so right, Chandrak!  Only last week, a newly married couple in Mumbai was discovered in a hotel room to be having sex!  And you know what?  The TV was still tuned to an American sitcom!  Yes!  It is true! How else could they have been provoked into committing such a filthy, immoral, and foreign act?”

At least nine Indian states actually ban sex ed.  Only in Texas does this fact not shock Westerners.

My impression is that sex ed — even where it is part of the curriculum — fails teenagers miserably.   So frequently, it amounts to, at best, the mechanics of the reproductive system and process with a bit of “use condoms” scandalously thrown in.  I hear almost nothing is taught that even pretends to adequately address the issues of relationships, love, friendship, emotional dependency, abuse, and so forth.

I hope I have heard wrong about that.  But I have heard such things from multiple sources, including scientific reports and surveys.

I wonder if the world as a whole will ever get to the point where sex is accepted and embraced as an inevitable and even welcomed part of growing up?

I have heard that’s the case in some countries.  Mainly European countries such as Norway, France, the Netherlands, and Germany.  At least that’s what I’ve been told.  But if so, will the world as a whole ever come to that?

Serious question.



7 thoughts on “Sex Education in the World Today”

  1. Accepting the word” beat” is quite annoying as an Indian. But I still agree and appreciate your concern for sex edu, in india. It is considered as obscene. There are rediculous preassumptions regarding sex education. Hope slowly we will win the battle .

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  2. Thank you for your understanding. I believe I might know how you feel about “beat”. The proud US is being beaten these days in everything from health care to manufacturing — and if the Chinese get their way, the moon is next. I don’t much care for chauvinistic patriotism, but I must ask why we are not living up to our potential.

    About the opposition to sex ed in India. What so strikes me about it is how most of the reasons the opposition gives to be against sex ed are the same exact reasons the American opposition gives! You might think that — if imperialism were their real concern — they would not import so many Western reasons to oppose sex ed! The irony kills me!

    In the end, GSPS, this is not really about nations, is it? Isn’t this about the quality of human lives everywhere on the planet? I mean, what can be more beautiful than sex in an appropriate context? The people who declare it filthy, obscene, and immoral — they are not friends.

    And yes, this is a battle we must win.

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  3. Your last paragraph Sums up the cause of concern , happy to read , yes , it’s not really about nations,
    And definitely , sex education is what we require not sexual abstinence.
    Let’s hope for the better living on earth. Thanks for the post 👍

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  4. I remember filing into the assembly hall when i was about 14, looking forward to a bit of legalised porn, but all we got were diagrams of fallopian tubes and a floppy penis, warning about what were then called venereal diseases – with accompanying photos of people with the nasty symptoms, and a warning that we should abstain from intercourse before we were married. Naturally, I complied; I never spoke to any man I was having sex with, until after we were married.

    Your post deserves better than my flippant comment Paul, but life’s a bitch.

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