Infatuation, Love, Poetry

What Made You Say, “I Love You”?

What made you say, “I love you”,
When you really didn’t mean it?

Your words elated me.
I was so high up I waved to India
On my way to the moon.

Now I’m stuck out here in lunar orbit
And without oxygen to breath.

7 thoughts on “What Made You Say, “I Love You”?”

    1. This is going to surprise you, Marysa, but I was thinking of the things you’ve told me about how some foolish people have treated you when I wrote the poem. That was the poem’s inspiration — not my life, but yours, as you’ve related it to me.

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      1. Ok, this is pure brag, but I can’t help it. I’m so proud of myself for composing this poem more or less in your style — because, after all, you inspired it. I thought that was clever of me. Yeah, I’m insufferably proud of it, too.

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