Sunstone Saturday

The Sunstone Saturday Music Prompt!

Listen to the following song and then post anything that comes to mind about it in the comments.  Anything!


9 thoughts on “The Sunstone Saturday Music Prompt!”

  1. Beautiful acaustics;brings to mind those geisha or ninja chinese movies movies when the Hero goes to take revenge upon a mighty gang…The stage is set upon a rising dark sided hill marked with huge dark trees with two owls on either branch:…he is carrying a long shiny sword in a sheath and is lost in deep thoughts of how the aggressor attacked his whole family….forgive my mind…

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  2. You know those Medieval castles? Well, I see this disgusting king sitting on his throne with a long disgusting beard and his servants bring this poor, young woman into the room to dance for him and, for some reason I see a snake charmer (weird, I know). Anyways, I see this king looking at this young woman all creepy and stuff, gulping down his wine and biting like a mad man on his giant turkey leg…. I am already regretting sharing this. Lol. 😆

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  3. I see old forts, dark, crumbling, nestled in mighty mountains. It seems foggy, the sky is grey and there is distant lightning and the faint echo of thunder. The earth is a shade of green, the darkest possible. The wind is chilly. I see people attired in everything warm, hopeful, waiting upon something, looking at the sky, peering through the clouds for some signal that they had been waiting upon.


  4. I think of a small communal gathering in a tundra forest listening to the singer sing a great tale. Lots of slow but passionate dancing ensues 😀


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