Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Love, Physical Abuse, Tara Lynn, Verbal Abuse

“Jame Loves Rachel to Death”

Tara Lyn had an expression, a turn of phrase.  She would speak of “loving someone to death”.  It was almost her only way of saying, “love someone well and truly”.

“Jamie loves Rachel to death.”

“Chris loves me to death.”

I do not recall ever much caring for that way of putting things, but as her initially charming new boyfriend began to abuse her, and as his abuse of her progressed from verbal and emotional abuse into beatings, her casual use of the words became terrifying.

In the end, to hear her words was like being throat-punched while knowing yet another blow was coming in a moment.

8 thoughts on ““Jame Loves Rachel to Death””

      1. I loved that portion and sure am will love the rest.Let me drive home and get to it on the balcony…where all my stars wink and call to me……just don’t let me disappear into them with this tale as you will be left with non to tell.Hahahahah


      1. Hi Paul. When I read this post I could see the foundation of a story, a great story! But now I read it and you are right, it is truly gripping ( I follow your link😉) and moving! I keep thinking about one sentence ‘Show me now your map of her.’👌💟


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