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Pure Religion

As I see it, none of the world’s major religions are pure.  That is, everyone of them in one way or another serves in practice to obscure the truth as much as to reveal it.  None are unadulterated.

This is especially true on “the village level”.  That’s the level of the religion as it is manifested in practice.  But even their holiest or most sacred writings strike me as at least a bit misleading at times.

I think a large part of it is because large religions serve many purposes.  They are not just about seeking out and living according to the way of things — however that way is conceived.  For instance, almost all of them concern themselves in one way or another with propping up the existing social order.  Or — especially in the case of Middle Eastern religions — meddling with human sexuality.

On the whole, the major religions strike me as ores.  They are varying degrees rich or poor ores, but they are ores.  You have to learn how to refine them into something purer than their natural state if you want “pure religion”.

18 thoughts on “Pure Religion”

    1. The single most effective technique that I myself know of, PePa is to study religions comparatively. That is, in comparison to each other. Taoism and Islam. Christianity and Confucianism. Hinduism and Judaism, etc.


      1. Religion is not a favourite topic of mine….. They have been doing their methods and theories for thousands of years… and have failed to impress me yet !!!………


  1. Much truth here. I speak as a Catholic, but I know full well its defuciencies, and how it has hidden the pure truth underneath layers of self indulgent clap trap. I know full well how it has tried to preserve itself FOR itself. I know its horrors and horrific acts. But I DO know, from my own experience that there IS some good truth to be found, though you have to take off all your masks, and then seek hard for it. I speak as one who sought the truth throughout my cancer and resulting blindness. Ss one who was badly treated as a blind and wheekchair bound person in the church. But underneath it all, getting back to basics, you CAN find something worthwhile

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    1. As an ex-Catholic, I have long stopped giving the religion I was brought up in a pass on its “self-indulgent claptrap,” etc. (though the real reason I’m an ex-Catholic is because I no longer believe its tenets). Nonetheless, I wouldn’t presume to press my reasoning on still-faithful believers in the Church (which would be futile in any case), and I can still appreciate those (such as yourself) who “find something worthwhile underneath it all.” We all need to take our “good truth” where we find it and question it (or not) as the spirit moves us.

      All best wishes, and take care.

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    1. I think that’s a part of it, Alice — especially in reference to the institutionalized aspects of religions, which of course, is not the entirety of a religion. But I believe I have also noticed that there is so much to the corruption of religion than just that every institution seeks to maintain itself. The holy books themselves are — in my opinion — corrupt. All of them.

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  2. I feel like religion usually starts out as fairly pure. As time goes on and generations pass, it gets weighed down with nonsense. Then one day someone especially wise and charismatic says, hey, it doesn’t have to mean all that; here is the pure version. And everyone goes “Whaaaa???” Then a new religion is born, and it too will get slowly muddied over time.

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  3. Under the depths of religious control, there exists a cave that holds an indestructible flower. The heart of religion, the spirit of love. Rules, while important, can get in the way of love.

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