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“Words Won’t Fuck (A Love Letter For Tava)”

(About a 2 minute read)

“Words Won’t Fuck
(A Love Letter for Tava)”

Words are all we have
To communicate with.
Gods they are not enough!
They don’t fly fast as light,
And they don’t transmit all at once,
And they don’t hit hard as rocks,
And they don’t state exactly,
Precisely what you’re saying.

Fucking words don’t fuck
Well enough!

That’s the truest way to fuck, you know,
To commune with another person —
To perfectly commune with someone –
That’s the real way to fuck.
Just so you know, Oh Virgin!

Just so you know before the world
Messes you up and says that fucking
Is all about pleasure. ALL about pleasure.
Pleasure is a tenth of it.
Anyone who has had sex
But never communed
While having sex
Is still a fucking virgin –
Pun intended.

Oh World you’re an asshole
Because all you see in fucking
Is who got who
And who got an orgasm
And who got had
And who got their rocks off
And who got beat
And who got defeated.

Oh World you’re an asshole.
And words won’t fuck
And I’m miserable tonight
And I’m ragged and I’m raging
And I just want to be inside her
(Not in you World. In Her.)
And in communion
And she’s ten thousand miles away

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