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Sentimentalize Love at Your Own Risk

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Sentimentalizing love like a pop star, a popular movie, or a romance novel sentimentalizes love is all sweet innocent fun — just like sentimentalizing your romantic  and attractive fireplace.  Until you forget to check that all the coals are dead before going on vacation — only to come home and discover your house has burnt down, right along with your cheap, plastic altars to the Goddess of Love.

For instance, want to put yourself at risk of cheating on your partner?  Just tell yourself you are not the type to cheat, that you’re too honest, too loyal for that — that love has no power of its own over you.  That’s the same as letting your guard down.  Love is lawless and subversive.  Go ahead and tell yourself you yourself are beyond it’s reach.  Live dangerously: Tell yourself you’re beyond its reach!

Sentimentalize love at your own risk.

4 thoughts on “Sentimentalize Love at Your Own Risk”

  1. That’s a genuinely good point. I think if there’s a god, that god is everything. Which is not too different, I imagine, from your view that God created everything. In either case, if something exists, then it is “of god or God” — so I think I see your point. Quite a good one, too.

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  2. Such a many layered thing – love. Is having a fling love? Or is it just hormones run rampant ? I suspect that’s what it is most of the time. Ergo nothing to do with true love.


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