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Maybe Why Some Women Send Me Nude Pics

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I think I figured out awhile back why women readers of my blog sometimes send me unsolicited nude pics and videos of themselves — occasionally in their very first emails to me. I suspect now it’s because they don’t want to risk being thought of by me as just another commodity, just another human who is interchangeable with all other humans — just another grain of polished rice.

They want to stand out instead, be seen as individuals, as persons in their own right. And who wouldn’t?

Sending nudes in a day of internet porn might not be the best way to stand out, but if the goal is to be noticed as an individual, then that’s a pretty good goal, I think. But what does it say about our world that so many of us these days seem to feel we’ve gotten lost in the crowds?

I don’t think it’s just that there are more people now. I don’t think it’s that simple. I think our cultures have been changing — and not always in good ways. I think we are becoming peoples who do not value authenticity — being true to yourself — highly enough to look for the individual in other people these days.

By the way, no one has ever sent me a poem, an essay, a drawing, an audio of them singing, etc. as the first thing they send me. Nudes yes. But not art they have created with their own hands.

Doesn’t that say something?

If you’re a woman who is thinking about introducing herself to me with a nude to reveal her beauty to me, go ahead. Feel welcomed. I’m not judgemental and it’s an adventurous way to introduce yourself to someone. But please, please keep your nudes tasteful. “Beauty, not porn!” And please also include some art that you yourself created. A drawing. A poem. A recording of you singing.

I guarantee your art will mean more to me than your nude.

12 thoughts on “Maybe Why Some Women Send Me Nude Pics”

      1. Um…you’ve heard of the “Colorado Mile High Club”, haven’t you? Folks around these parts just cannot seem to get enough altitude! I hear them alpine meadows are positively humming with hikers each year when the weather up there gets a bit warmer than it is now.

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      2. Sarah! Did you hear the news? Yesterday, Denver became the first jurisdiction in the nation to decriminalize ‘srooms in a public vote!

        Move here with your whole family, Sarah, Colorado needs all the weird…um…wonderful people it can get!

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  1. What the?!?!?!? Paul, this just takes me to a whole new level of the world beyond my own little bubble. For real? This really happens? So strange. (Now your comment on my “things you should know” post takes on a whole new meaning, lol. Yes that would be distracting. :))

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    1. This might sound counter-intuitive, but the only way I can preserve my sanity these days is to seek refuge in non-judgmentalism. I’d go nuts if I tried to keep score! Of course, I mean more than nudes. I have cut back on judging things unless I’m force to by their heinous nature.

      I think once you get a blog audience with a few followers who stick with you for years, you start getting stuff. Nudes are just part of it. I have about seven books sent to me by my readers. I have wedding photos, and photos of newborn children. And so forth. I strongly suspect anyone who blogs for a few years experiences pretty much the same thing. It’s just how we reach out these days.

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      1. Oh! Ok. I hear you about the non-judgementalism. One celebrity I followed said the way she manages her marriage is “unconditional love, no judgement” and they seem to have a beautiful marriage. it sounds like a great mandate to me.


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