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Sex Without Intimacy

“Sex without intimacy is an unnecessarily complicated form of masturbation.”  — Paul Sunstone

16 thoughts on “Sex Without Intimacy”

  1. But wouldn’t that mean that there’s no intimacy in masturbation? I wouldn’t actually go that far, since just as one can love or loathe oneself, so can one feel intimate with oneself… I just think I phrased that ass-backwards. 😀

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  2. Some people like complication, I guess. Otherwise why would anyone have kids? (Kids win First Prize for adding complication to life, haha. Sex Without Intimacy -depending, of course, whether it’s Sex Without STDs or Sex Without Unintended Pregnancy- may not even take Third Prize.

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  3. Masturbation is ok. But mutual is better and copulating better still. I know of couples where she feels that’s all she is for her partner. Sad. The true connection isn’t even physical for me. Its spiritual and emotional.

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