How Very Pleasant it is to Perv on You, My Friend!

I have recently become aware of something I should have noticed decades ago.  Looking at a friend’s face is emotionally uplifting.

I can hear your “D’uh’s”, dear readers!  Honestly, I am clueless why or how I have managed to reach the age of 62 before consciously observing what I now believe must have been happening all my life.  It is almost as if decade after decade of heavy drug and alcohol abuse has actually taken a toll on me! But how can that be possible?  Do not such things enrich and intensify our experiences of life?

Whatever the real cause, I only within the past few weeks have noticed the effect takes place — not just when I gaze upon the face of a woman I love — but when I look upon nearly any face belonging to a friend, male or female.  They only need to look happy.  Or at least, content.  The effect is far from being  very pronounced or dramatic, but it is still noticeable.  At least now it is.

Best of all, it seems the faces of friends serve as very mild anti-depressants.  They might be said to “adjust my attitude” or “put me in good sorts for awhile”.

I just hope I remember this pleasant discovery the next time I feel life has gotten too predictable, and that nothing of any real importance remains to be discovered on a personal level.

9 thoughts on “How Very Pleasant it is to Perv on You, My Friend!”

      1. It’s true, I mean it. A lot of people today find happiness in other people’s sorrows some kinda sadistic pleasure. Your saying this makes me believe there is still hope

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