Some human on the TV was claiming that “meatless meat” vegan hamburgers are a plot by “Lucifarians”, as he called them, to “change your DNA so that you are no longer human and Jesus cannot save you.”

Humans!  We only have one rock.  Even if a few of us make it to the stars, the vast masses of us will never escape this rock, nor each other.  We sink or swim together.  We face at least half a dozen existential threats these days.  Is this really a good time to be messing with people’s heads about something as harmless as vegan hamburgers?  Can’t that TV preacher make enough money some honest way?

I think it must be greed and only greed that drives him to make up scary stories to get donations.  It is so sad to realize so many people will believe him, will send him money.  It is so sad to know that his kind of behavior pays off, and pays off big.

“The Truth goes begging”, Luther said, “While sin has ample wages.”

I know now we are headed for extinction.  It might take ten thousand years — but we will go extinct.  And in evolutionary terms, we will go in the blink of an eye.   This TV preacher — he has convinced me we are going extinct.

It is just before dawn.  I have only just discovered the video of the preacher.  I am shocked.  In an hour, I hope to be myself again.  I hope to be more optimistic than I am at the moment.  In fact, I am sure I will bounce back — no one can stay as far down as that preacher has knocked me.  I will bounce back.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day.

8 thoughts on “Humans!”

  1. VEgan-bashing is very popular with the knuckle-draggers. I think something about the way that vegans actually live the gospel of compassion and harmlessness crazes people who can’t imagine changing their lives to lessen the harm they inflict on other living beings. Isee the same kind of irrational frenzy in people who want you to believe that man-made climate catastrophe is a hoax.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for a quarter century, and if I could figure out a way to be vegan and actually get enough protein I’d be there — I am so ready for vat-grown meat and faux deli on every corner (there are products that do it right, nutritionally, but they are rare finds). I know I am still subsidizing some suffering, but not like I did when I ate food that had once had a face. I’m always trying to tinker it better.

    I don’t know why some people feel called on to preach craziness. There’s money to be made, yes, but the human appetite for stupid is about more than that and I honestly remain baffled. The more wrong people are, the more sure they seem of themselves.

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  2. I suspect preachers like the one I encountered this morning do some market research to determine what messages sell. At the very least, they pay attention to what sells.

    Have you heard how Jerry Falwell cooked up the abortion debate? He was quite open about it with his fellow con-artists. Told them right up front opposing abortion was a money-maker.


  3. So, I’m a Christian, AND I like meatless meat (take that, Early Morning Carnivor Preacher!). I’ll even share my tastes in the meatless realm: Boca Burgers are great. They’ve got good texture, cook up (from frozen) in 7 minutes, and no cholesterol. Yum. Also, I like Smart Dogs. They’re ‘hot dogs’ made out of transmogrified tofu. The best thing about a hot dog is the mustard you put on it anyway, so why not go smart dog. Less calories. So listen up, EMCP, I love meatless, and JESUS LOVES ME! So there.

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    1. Hear! Hear!

      Carla I have no idea why, but WordPress sent your comment to moderation! I had to approve it before they would post it. Jeebers! Those WordPress kids these days!


  4. “Those who think, laugh. Those who feel, cry.” Some of us do a little of both.
    This hamburger thing is ruthlessly absurd! Maybe by the evening you’ll be able to laugh about it. ❤


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