He was Joking! …um…I hope.

A friend of mine just a few minutes ago referred to my personality as “exciting as a literary review of blogs about sock drawers.”

I am still laughing because, of course, he was joking.  What a good joke!

Um… you do think he was joking, don’t you?

Um… of course he was joking, right?

All the best,
Paul “Hope Springs Eternal” Sunstone


5 thoughts on “He was Joking! …um…I hope.”

  1. Duuude! Do you know what transcendence I experience organizing my sock drawer? FFS. Socks. Go on feet. Feet carry me. Over hills and distances. I kiss my socks. I love them. Even if he was trying to be snarky he failed.

    Socks, helping us to the celestial realms.

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