What Have You Been Studying?

What have you been studying recently?

What’s the most striking thing you have found out?

I take notes when reading up on something. I have done almost no reading up on anything new for the past six weeks, but — going back further than six weeks — the four most recent subjects I have read up on (according to my notebooks) are:

(1) The impact of French postmodernism on the West with especial reference to its consequences for erotic pole dancing.

(2) The concept of arete in ancient Greek culture, including Kitto’s analysis of arete’s role in the aesthetic maturation of ancient Greek pole dancing.

(3) Newberg’s five characteristics of enlightenment experiences as revealed via fMRI brain scans of erotic pole dancers.

(4) Kolmogorov’s contributions to probability theory and especially the application of his contributions both to random walks and to random pole dance maneuvers.

As you can see, I’m a scatter-brain with no known center of focus.

4 thoughts on “What Have You Been Studying?”

  1. You? A scatter brain with no centre of focus? After reading and re-reading your notes on the things that you have studied recently, I disagree with your judgement of yourself because it seems perfectly clear to me that you have been extremely focused and concentrated in reading about the very interesting and meaningful, scientific data and theories and historical information about erotic pole dancing and pole dancers.
    And guess what? I wish I was a scatter brain with no centre of focus too!

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