No One is Shocked Any More

No one is shocked these days,
Have you noticed that?

Only each day, you can add another million of us
To the list of those who are disgusted.

19 thoughts on “No One is Shocked Any More”

      1. Most of us are too wrapped in ourselves and are apathetic, while some of us do get moved by what happens around. You are right, nothing seems to shock us…it is because either we have seen too much or think what happens around is normal.


  1. I only wish that “each day….another million of us….are disgusted.” If so, polls haven’t been reflecting it. In any case, the only numbers that matter will be on election day, because the Republican-controlled Senate isn’t going to impeach Trump. Sad.

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  2. Very true, Paul. Instead of ‘disgusted,’ or even (as sledpress suggested) ‘exhausted’ we need a new word that combines the meanings of disgusted/exhausted/helpless/angry/depressed. That’s the word.

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