Sample Poem from “Sunburst Woman”

Here is a sample of the poetry you will find in my forthcoming book, “Sunburst Woman”.


One Has Been Like the Mountains

Renee once camped alone in the Wet Mountains
For a month, maybe longer.
She expected to be gone ten days
But up in the wilderness,
There was no pressure to be anyone but Renee.
She began finding herself,
Did not want to come back.

In the end, she had to come back.
The evening streetlights as she approached the city
Flaunted themselves like garish prostitutes,
The gaudy odors of the angry cars
Slammed her nostrils,
The senseless banging and meaningless roars
Disoriented her.

Renee went for days
Before she was desensitized again,
Before her senses had retreated
Into shocked numbness,
Before she was once again a well-adjusted
Citizen of the city.

“All my lovers have been like the city”,
Renee told me, “All except one.
One has been like the mountains.”

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