Before There Was You (The Difference You Make)

Another poem from my forthcoming collection, “Sunburst Woman”.


Do you make a difference?
Is that your question?
Well of course you do!

You are the waterfall
Which cleans the air I breathe.

You are the meadow
In which I have planted my crop.

You are the wind
Which lifts up my wings.

You are the rock
Upon which I have built my home.

Yet, before there was you,
My life was drying out like a wildflower
That had blossomed in a drought.

Drying out like a wildflower
Bending low and withering in a drought.

Before there was you,
My life was a child
Separated and lost
In a museum of dusty memories,
In a mausoleum of the past.

My days were numb.
My hours were hunger.
I knew only famine,

For water,
I drank my own thirst.

(You make a difference, love.
Yes, you make a difference.)

16 thoughts on “Before There Was You (The Difference You Make)”

      1. Hi Paul, your book sounds exciting. I hope it’s all going brilliantly. Best wishes with it all. I’m well thanks, busy with life and many projects in general. Take care.


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