Hi Ho Silver!

Yesterday, I had just finished printing out a poem for my next book, when someone knocked.  It was Molly, come to visit me with her dog, Silver.

I am clueless what triggered her, but the moment Silver crossed my threshold, she shot straight to my printer tray, grabbed the poem, and commenced chewing.  I was stunned, and couldn’t think of a thing to say other than, “My poem!”.

But Molly, looking quite embarrassed for her dog, replied, “I’m sorry, Paul, but you see — Silver has good taste in poetry.”

7 thoughts on “Hi Ho Silver!”

      1. You’re up late, my friend! Insomnia?

        Indeed, I cannot recall the last time I was unable to improve a poem of mine — if only by a little bit — after allowing it to sit for awhile. Of course, ‘awhile’ can be whatever time it takes for it to become fresh to me again. It’s odd that I don’t do it with every last poem I write.


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