Perfect Fit

“My life is a farce.” She said.
“I prefer pears, I eat pasta.
I need travel, I stay put.
My look’s auburn, I’m born blonde.
I love books, I watch soaps.
Marry me! No one’s a better fit.”

5 thoughts on “Perfect Fit”

  1. I really like this one, Paul. To me, it’s about how we sell out our authentic selves for whatever reason (duty, commitment, convenience, other people’s expectations, fear… the list goes on and on). It makes me laugh at the end, because “Marry me! No one’s a better fit.” seems destined to be followed by, “I wanted Brad Pitt, I married you.” HaHa. Nice work, Paul.

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    1. Good points, Carla!

      Often, it’s a balancing act, isn’t it? Our survival in so many ways depends on our society, which means we sooner or later have to compromise in at least some ways. But when do we go too far? And when do we not go far enough?

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