Dear Paul…

Dear Paul,

Like some people, I blog in the nude.  As a precaution, I lock my bedroom door so that my eight year-old son doesn’t walk in on his mommy while I’m in such a state. However, about a week ago, I forgot to lock the door and the inevitable happened.  It’s been six days now, and he is still in shock!  He refuses to call me “mommy”, and he even refuses to eat any food I prepare him, forcing my husband to do the cooking.  What can I do?  He got over the nudity within an hour, but he still can’t cope with his mommy being a blogger.

— Desperate Mother.


Dear Desperate,

Whatever you do, seize this opportunity to create some great content!  You should be able to get at least a post a day out of your son’s shock.  Priorities! Focus! Focus, before he comes out of shock and this god-sent opportunity is lost.


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