“Ashes and Wine” Poems, Aphorisms, and More…

Ashes and Wine IIX Blog Sized

Ashes and Wine is a collection of engaging poems, aphorisms, epigrams, and short prose pieces that deals with a family of related themes, including vulnerability and authenticity, abuse and healing, and of course, intimacy and love.

Most of the poems are narratives. Their stories are based on real people and true events. They reflect my love of rich metaphors, clever witticisms, and unpretentious wisdom.  Ashes and Wine is for older teens, young adults, and adults. It is an experience to be savored by all who refuse anything less than to connect deeply, love meaningfully, and live fully.

I am making available a free, no obligation pdf sampler of the contents of Ashes and Wine so you can decide for yourself whether this book is for you.  Simply email me with your request at cafe. philos. blog@ gmail. com — minus the spaces, of course. I will respond as soon as possible.

Ashes and Wine is currently available as a paperback on Amazon at the special, low introductory price of $7.94.  Act soon to secure your copy at this extraordinary discount!

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