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Erotic Meditation

Unlike those of us afflicted with excessive sanity, I happen to think one of the best places for meditation is a good erotic dance club.  Inevitably, the music is too loud, the lights too flashy, the booze too expensive, and the girls too gorgeous.  Yet, surprisingly, all those “distractions”  seem to improve my ability to… Continue reading Erotic Meditation

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Meditation is the Practice of Dying

“The meditative experience is, to my mind, the practice of dying, the practice of letting go. The more you practice letting go, the more you begin to understand the journey of your soul or your spirit as it detaches from the material nature of existence. There is a river, and as soon as you unmoor… Continue reading Meditation is the Practice of Dying


Are Mystical Experiences the Result of Natural Causes? Assuming God Exists is not Mysticism Can a Mystical Experience Tell Us Anything About God? Can Knowledge Bring About a Mystical Experience? “Does the Denial of the Individual Self Actually Make Sense Even From a Mystical Perspective?” Erotic Meditation Even Sex is not a Guaranteed Path to Transcendence… Continue reading Mysticism

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Mysteries of the Restless Mind

I am not a profound man, but sometimes I am a curious one.  And so, I embarked on a series of light meditations over the past couple of days to find out whatever I might about the nature and movements of my mind while I listened to music. It seems there are many different ways… Continue reading Mysteries of the Restless Mind