About This Blog

At Café Philos, we proudly pick only the ripest electrons on the internet, then roast and brew them into fresh, hearty commentaries on living, religion, the arts and sciences. Fresh posts most days!

Please Note:  Most governments now allow long term readers of Café Philos to file for compensation.  Check with your local Heath and Human Services Department or its equivalent.  You could be due considerable funds to cover the cost of treatment for the trauma and suffering you’ve incurred reading my prose, poetry, and opinions.

The rest of this page is dedicated to the wonderful people who have said so many kind things about this blog and its author.


Reading this blog is not just a pastime, it is an experience, that can bring you closer to yourself or bridge gaps to formerly unknown realms of knowledge and spark interest in both the most mundane and sacred topics. Not wanting to sound too conceited, Paul manages this feat effortlessly and makes it easy to approach even larger subjects with the curiosity of a wide-eyed child.

–Matthias, in a blog review posted on Lunarpoet.

“Paul Sunstone writes sensitively, intelligently, and independently, on a variety of topics. He makes me think.”

— Comment by Mahendra, excepted from “The Third Intellectual Blogger Award” at the An Unquiet Mind blog.

“Paul at Cafe Philos…makes me think about things I wouldn’t normally think about…”

— Comment by Robin, excepted from “Off Hiatus” at the Bountiful Healing blog.

“I have been…challenged in my perceptions by…Paul.”

— Comment by Gary, excepted from “A Retrospective” at the Follow Your Bliss blog.

“His posts are a bit all over the map when it comes to subject matter, which makes for surprising and interesting writing. Like everyday.”

“What you will find here: Humor, perspectives about the human condition, links to others and Manners, the guys got manners…”

— Comments by Poetman, excepted from “Three Big Chiefs” at the 1 Poet 4 Man blog.

“Paul Sunstone has created a unique blog: Café Philos: an internet café. While here on Trinifar the emphasis is on lengthy, well-referenced posts steeped in data analysis, intrenched in reasonable engineering and business concepts, and focussed on sustainability, Paul attends to the other end of the spectrum: personal reflections, posts that pose vital questions about life and how we live it, and a rather amazing panoply of open-ended philosophical queries.”

— Comment by Trinifar, excepted from “Café Philos: an internet café” at the Trinifar blog.

“Paul from Cafe Philos… brings interesting discussions with a sort of empathy that is repressed by most… his wit is evident in his style of writing.”

— Comment by Enreal, excepted from “Inspiration and Acknowledgment” at the Journals of Enreal blog.

“Your writing comes from the heart. I love reading your blog. I not only like the way you write, I like the way you tackle topics that are sensitive and you do it with an innocence thats heartwarming.”

— Comment by Nita, excepted from “An ‘E for Excellence’ to Nita and Doc” at this blog.

“I have only been reading you for a handful of days but have already made a mental note to never let you near my livestock.”

— Comment by Emje left homeless on this blog here.


15 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. I’m a newbie here. This looks very interesting, wonder if my insurance will cover any injuries sustained as the result of trauma and suffering? 😉


  2. Hi Cat! Welcome to the blog! 🙂

    I’ve found that while reading my posts it can be a good idea to say to oneself, “What does not kill me makes me stronger.”

    Just keep repeating that.

    And hope it’s true.


  3. Paul, you need to nominate one of your posts in the blog competition that is going on at Poonam’s blog. You have written some wonderful posts but I cannot remember which. If you can find one of those posts and send it to me I can nominate it for you. Or it’s best if you nominate it yourself. Be sure to do one of these things.


  4. Thanks so much for reading and commenting on so many of my posts today, totally appreciate it!
    Love your about, interesting idea to post others reviews but you’ve been doing this for ages so experience shows 🙂


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