Blundering Critiques

Dear Reader,

Looking for some kicks?

Feel like getting a possibly new, unique, and almost certainly blundering take on your poetry?

Simply clue me in to where your work is posted, then stand back out of the way as I rush over to review it like a horny dog rushing over to hump a soon-to-be appalled lamp post.

Here are my Three Guarantees to you of a good critique:

Gentle.  No savage criticisms of you or your poems.  Just real insights.

Honest. If I don’t think something is true of your poetry, I won’t BS you that it is.

Best Effort.  I don’t know what I’m doing, but I will certainly give it my best effort.

Fair enough?  Please post a link to your work.  Or better yet, share this message far and wide — and/or then post a link to your work.


POETRY CRITIQUES (Organized from first to most recent):


“The Happy Book People”, by Kat

Two Poems by Ami

“Words”, by Jane

“Existential Angst”, by Jane

“To Carmen, Upon Belting Him One”, by Sledpress

“Weapons of Feathers”, by Jane

The Lyrics of “The River”, by John Andrew Hull (Manchester Orchestra)