Blundering Critiques

Dear Reader,

Looking for some kicks?

Feel like getting a possibly new, unique, and almost certainly blundering take on your poetry?

Simply clue me in to where your work is posted, then stand back out of the way as I rush over to review it like a horny dog rushing over to hump a soon-to-be appalled lamp post.

Here are my Three Guarantees to you of a good critique:

Gentle.  No savage criticisms of you or your poems.  Just real insights.

Honest. If I don’t think something is true of your poetry, I won’t BS you that it is.

Best Effort.  I don’t know what I’m doing, but I will certainly give it my best effort.

Fair enough?  Please post a link to your work.  Or better yet, share this message far and wide — and/or then post a link to your work.


POETRY CRITIQUES (Organized from first to most recent):


“The Happy Book People”, by Kat

Two Poems by Ami

“Words”, by Jane

“Existential Angst”, by Jane

“To Carmen, Upon Belting Him One”, by Sledpress

“Weapons of Feathers”, by Jane