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Painting Again

I’ve been painting for the past couple days.  Unfortunately, I seem to be a one-trick pony.  I can either paint or blog but not both very well at once.  So I’ve been neglecting my blogging while I knock out some cheap imitations of fine art.  I’ll get back to blogging in a day or so.

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A Progress Report on my Paintings

I’m still on break from blogging, but I just have to tell y’all this.  I came up with what might be a great idea for a painting today just by … looking out my window.  Yeah, the same window I have looked out a thousand times before.

Only thing was, in the past, I wasn’t looking out the window in search of compositions to paint.  Today was different.  I glanced out the window and was immediately struck by something I saw.  “That might work”, I thought.

Strange how it’s not just a matter of looking.  It’s as much or more a matter of what you’re looking for.

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Taking a Few Days Off From Blogging

I have never understood why with me I either write or I paint, but I don’t both write and paint.  At least not more than minimally.  But whatever the reason, I can either focus on writing or on painting, but not on both at once.

For the next few days, I’ll be doing very little blogging in order to focus on some painting I’ve been wanting to get at for some time.  I’ll try to keep up the daily three, though, but that’s about it. I shouldn’t be “gone” more than a few days.  Thanks for your patience.

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Why I Write (And Why You Should be Alarmed)

SUMMARY:  An approach to overcoming writer’s block.

(About a 4 minute read)

Based on the scant evidence available to me, I can conjecture that most long term readers of Café Philos are lured to read my insufferable opinions for much the same reason folks find it difficult to look away from a train wreck in progress.

That statement might imply to some folks that I take pride in the being the blogging  world’s equivalent of a tragic, slow motion collision.  Actually, I do not.  But I’m a realist about these things.

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Paul’s Eight Edible Tips for New Bloggers

SUMMARY: Eight tips for new bloggers.

(About a 6 minute read)

If you’re like me, you have noticed that most people now and then say exactly the opposite of what they really mean.  This is no where so true as when people accept excellent advice.

At least, when accepting it from me, they usually say things like, “That’s the worst advice I’ve had since my fiancé’s dad’s on prom night!”, and “Paul, if I had wanted to die young, I would have asked you straight-forward how to die young.”  Meaning, of course, “Thank you for the superb advice!”

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Carla’s Space

(About a 2 minute read)

My Beloved Flesh-Eaters,

For several years now, Carla has been a loyal and frequent reader of Café Philos, despite all my fervent efforts to discourage her so I wouldn’t need to work so hard coming up with new posts to satiate her bizarre cravings for my views and opinions.

I’ve tried everything.  Every reasonable thing.

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Meet the Finest Harbor Slut in Sydney, Australia!

(Teresums bio about a 4 minute read)


PAUL: Drop your panties, peacock! Heads up! I’m fixing to post all about you at last — a comprehensive insider’s exposé of your sordid lust for sailors, your scandalous personal hygiene, your filthy eating habits, your hankering after strange gods, and your recurring attempts to assassinate my noble character! Even though it will absolutely finish your reputation with my flesh-eating readers, you’ll never muster the self-discipline to stop yourself from wanking to it, you demon blown ego-balloon!

TERESUMS: Ever the charmer with the small talk and pleasantries, eh Paul?  Maybe you might want to stick a garden hose up your butt for an enema now — just to get better quality material for your post, your know.

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