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I Need Your Help With a Housewarming Party!

I need your help to hold a housewarming party for Jane Basil at her new blog.  The door prize for helping out is a 30 USD shopping trip on Amazon.

If I came across a Jane Basil poem published in the Oxford Companion to English Poetry, I would not think it out of place.

Skeptical?  Go and read Promises!  Read just that one Basil poem.  Then tell me whether you concur with me.  Your call, but please don’t make your call until at least you have read Promises.

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Walking With Robin

(About a 2 minute read)

“The morning sunlight, in the spring, bounces off the sconces on the pendulum lights [in my kitchen] and creates a star-like pattern on the ceiling.  It’s a signal that spring has arrived.” — Robin, Breezes at Dawn Blog [Brackets Paul’s].

Anyone wishing to find his or her own true voice — but who is uncertain what that means — would do well to study Robin’s posts on her blog, Breezes at Dawn.

Of course, it is nearly impossible today to express a wholly new idea, especially outside the sciences.  Those who do now and then manage to come up with something even approaching a wholly new idea tend to be keen observers, rather than creative alone.

Robin is quite obviously a keen observer (see above quote), but — offhand — I can’t recall her expressing any more original ideas than the rest of us.  What makes her voice her own are not the ideas she expresses, but the virtually unique and special way in which she expresses them.

In short, her style.

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Run! Run! Sunstone, the World’s Most Blundering Poetry Critic, wants Your Poem — Bad!

(About a 1 minute read)

Do you enjoy composing poetry?

Are you grateful for feedback from your audience, but sometimes think your audience isn’t challenging you enough to fully help you develop as a poet?

Would it help you to grow and mature as a poet to have an honest, but admittedly non-expert, critique of your poetry to print out and burn for heat this coming winter?

Are you willing to have one of your poems published on this blog, along with just such a critique?

If that sounds like you, then I have great news!  I myself — despite Teresum’s sensible protests and despairing sighs — have decided to indulge my hand as a critic of poems.  Hopefully, a helpful one!

I’ve never done it before, and I’m not sure I really can, but I’ll give it a shot, if you will.  I promise I’ll do my best with your work — whatever “best” turns out to mean.

Simply email me at with your poem and a link to your blog or website (if you wish) so I can tell folks where to find your work.

Please Note:  I cannot promise to criticize your poem because I am such a rank amateur that I might not even understand it — so no guarantees here!  But if I do attempt a criticism, then I faithfully promise I will make every reasonable effort to be as helpful and honest as I can be.  I’ll try to look at both the positives and negatives.  And — above all else — I will shoot for giving you some nutritious food for thought.

Once again, simply email me at with one of your poems and a website address.  (If the poem is somewhat obscure, it would be very helpful if you’d clue me in to what you hoped to convey with it.)