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“Harriet II”

Harriet II
Harriet II. Acrylic on canvas (2019)

This is one of my most recent full-frontal mechanized assaults on the noble and esteemed science of aesthetics. The portrait is of Harriet, who I met when she was 15 (and I was 40), and who I watched grow up into a self-confident and remarkable person.

At the time I met her, Harriet went by the nickname “Grey”, which had been given to her because — as she would say — she was “half Polish and half West African”. That is, half-white and half-black, hence grey — and hence one reason for the greys in the painting.

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My Full Frontal Mechanized Assault on Teresum’s Good Looks

So Teresums calls me up:  “What you doing?”

“Bug off!  I’m busy painting a picture of you.”

“Paint me with a pirate’s eye patch.”

“No way!”

“Paint me with a pirate’s eye patch, you donk-meister!”

So who can resist such charm..?  I experimented with the hand a bit, and don’t quite like the result.  Also, I dislike the background, and the painting really doesn’t capture her.  But the eye patch came out just fine, which after all is the important thing, right?

Terese April 2018 sized

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My Most Recent Effort to Subvert Western Aesthetics

(About a one minute read)

14×18 Acrylic on canvas

For some reason, the camera I used to take this photo of my most recent effort to subvert Western aesthetics punched up the reds.  In the original, the reds are more subdued and blend in better.

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Wanting Something for Nothing

I quit sketching on a regular and frequent basis about seven years ago.  Since then, I’ve sometimes promised myself I would start up again.  Yet,  until very recently,  I haven’t actually gotten back into it.   As of today, though, I’ve been sketching for an hour or so a day over the past couple of weeks.

At the moment, I prefer doing portraits in a variety of media including graphite, Conté crayon, and carbon pencil.

Now, the big challenge I have at this point is to find some way of getting some results I actually want in only an hour or so of work.   The problem, you see, is that it seems most of the really cool,  attractive art requires a huge investment in time, patience, and energy.  That is, there are drawing styles that routinely consume tens of hours to execute.  Unfortunately, I have neither the motivation nor the patience to pursue those styles.  Consequently, I’m looking for a far, far cheaper way to get a result I will still enjoy.

In other words, I want something for nothing.

There absolutely has to be a style or technique out there somewhere that will allow me to achieve cool and personally pleasing results with only an hour or so investment in each work.  I know there absolutely has to be one because I’m an American and all Americans are born with an inalienable right to fast food and fast art.

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“River Tyburn” by Miru Kim


River Tyburn, London by Miru Kim

This work is typical of Kim’s exceptional series of nude self-portraits that she has taken in the infrastructure beneath cities around the world.

My thanks to George at Decrepit Old Fool for introducing me onto the series.