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Mwali by Lois van Baarle


Mwali by Lois van Baarle

Drawn in photoshop CS3 with a wacom tablet. Textures from

Lois van Baarle is a young cosmopolitan of Dutch nationality who is currently studying for her masters in animation.  In the last few years she has moved from traditional techniques to digital art and animation.  I’ve formed a very high opinion of this artist’s competence and creativity.

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Timid One by Asmodeusz

Timid One by Asmodeusz

Pencil: 2b
Paper:  Unknown

So far as I can discover, the young artist who produced this bold, slightly disturbing work goes only by the name of Asmodeusz.  She seems to be mostly interested in photography, yet she nevertheless wields a powerful pencil.  I think her drawing is as near technically perfect as anything I’ve recently seen.   Beyond that, it conveys to me multiple layers of emotion ranging from anxiety to sadness.  Of course, at this hour of the night, that might be only the coffee speaking.

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Kurt Cobain by Jenna Bastable


Kurt Cobain by Jenna Bastable

Pencils: 2h through 8b
Paper: Not Specified

Jenna Bastable is a 17 year old pencil artist from New Zealand who is currently intent on developing her skills at realism.  I admire her ability — which is on display in the above work — to create a portrait that comes very close to photorealism without loosing its integrity as a pencil work.  I consider that an impressive accomplishment.  Also, I can’t help but notice her shading is superb and renders Cobain’s skin with a warmth — almost a glow — that I’ve seldom enough seen, but which can be one of the attractions of working in graphite.  So far as I can tell, there’s not a shade nor tone out of place in this work.  I think she’s a brilliant, dedicated young artist and I fully expect her to run away to the big city someday where she will fall in league with a gang of international jewel theives and forget art altogether — for that is so typically the tragedy of our species.   However, until that day comes, I plan to follow her career.

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Portrait of Damon Albarn by Niall Swords


Portrait of Damon Albarn by Niall Swords

2b and 9b pencil possibly on Arches paper (?).

Niall Swords impresses me for a variety of reasons, but especially for this fascinating description of Damon Albarn.   Perhaps I am just being my usual delusional self here, but it seems Sword has made a brilliant choice to render the eyes more vividly than the rest of the face, and thus intensify what must have been an intense expression to begin with.  I also love the way he perches Albarn’s head on a massive black shape.  And I think that works, at least in part, because Swords is really quite masterful in rendering depth in this drawing.

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Tuomas Holopainen by Priscila Alanis


Tuomas Holopainen by Priscila Alanis

Pencils:  6H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 7B, and 9B
Paper: Canson Tamanho A3

I think this is a superb work in which Alanis brilliantly describes many different textures.  You would not be able to tell it from this drawing, but she is not accustomed to the 7B and 9B pencils.  Although she is young, she strikes me as an artist to watch.  Then, again, I am drinking a freshly ground  Hawaiian Kona blend of coffee and consequently I think everything is brilliant this morning.