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The Feral Sexuality of Teenage Girls

(About a 6 minute read)

It is easy to fall for the cliché that ours is the most sexually liberated age in history.  It might be actually closer to the truth if we were to think of ourselves as among the most sexually complicated ages in history.

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I Need Your Help With a Housewarming Party!

I need your help to hold a housewarming party for Jane Basil at her new blog.  The door prize for helping out is a 30 USD shopping trip on Amazon.

If I came across a Jane Basil poem published in the Oxford Companion to English Poetry, I would not think it out of place.

Skeptical?  Go and read Promises!  Read just that one Basil poem.  Then tell me whether you concur with me.  Your call, but please don’t make your call until at least you have read Promises.

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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: The Lonely People Who Confess Their Honest Truths

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

Majel, have you noticed how lonely Anaïs feels this morning?
Only an hour ago in 1936 I heard her weep, I heard her cry,
“I have just spat out my heart”.

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The Currency of Community

(About a 2 minute read)

“Rihanna. I love her music, her style,
Just love her.”

One million or two? How many times today
Have I heard you praise one celeb or another?

Seems curious to me how the down to earth
Billionaires wear T-shirts, jeans, and sandals
To the office; how everyday became causal Friday;
How no one speaks more than two syllables
If they can help it, and none of us any longer
Are pretentious enough to learn the sciences,
But for all our down to earthiness, our hearts
Belong to the celebs, and only the celebs.

In the evening I once again tell you I love you,
But you only turn from your screen
When you want to say Johnny Depp
Has a new movie out that we must see.

Who lives next door to us now that Cheryl died
Do you remember? I never met her myself
More than to be surprised her voice was ice
When once I said “Hello”. I’ve fled from her,
And from you, to the blogs where my heart
Is still a bit malnourished by the distances.

But there I’ve found lives lived in immediacy
To the realities of mine. Terese is as gentle
As I try to be. Kat is as smart as I aspire.
Jane is like me a poet who tackles
Her life as it is. Riali’s kind and supportive,
Mark is brilliant as gold dust,
And most of the others have more than one thing
To recommend them to me.

You speak of Rihanna and Depp,
And others who are cocooned by wealth and staffs,
Who might as well live above us
On a station circling the earth.
Why are you so fascinated with lives
So unlike yours? It seems to me you’re chasing
Some dream of someday living among them,
But you’ve paying for that dream
In the currency of community.

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Poetry Critique: “Weapons of Feathers”, by Jane

(About an 11 minute read)

As I see it, a good poem above all else employs words to evoke an emotional response from its audience, regardless of whether its message is trivial or profound, true or false, or even exists at all.  But a great poem goes beyond that, much beyond that, to reveal a truth — and often in a way that is so fresh and striking, the impact of the revelation is multiplied many fold.

Jane’s poem, “Weapons of Feathers, so decisively achieves the first goal of evoking emotions that to spend much time examining the fact would be like pondering whether or not an approaching hurricane could be properly called a “storm”. There is little need here to go into the matter.

But does the poem reveal a truth?  And if so, does it do it in a fresh and striking way?  Those are the questions I will address here.

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Down to the Stones

A bit of advice to those of us who would know ourselves…

I have learned in life we so often hide from what has hurt us, shocked us, or traumatized us — hide beneath layers a thousand lies deep.

Some of those layers, the lies of our own creation, but many the creations of others: The creations and conventions of our culture.

If you want to be the artist of your own life, the one who shapes and interprets the truths of your own experiences, you usually need to dig down deep below the shadows, down beneath the lies you’ve told yourself, down below what conventions have told you to believe you experienced.  Down to the stones themselves.

That is no easy thing for most of us; it’s truly easy only for those of us lost to madness.

It requires more than determination alone, more than honesty alone, more than courage alone — it requires above all sound intuition.  For without any one of those four, we easily stray into the lies, and are lost there endlessly chasing after shadows as each one recedes to be replaced by another.

(Thoughts upon reading Jane’s poem, “Cold Where Women are Wet“.

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Poetry Critique: “Existential Angst” by Jane

(About a 6 minute read)

Dear Reader,

I have on occasion wondered whether it was possible to compose existential angst poetry without, however, coming across as so much whining.

The occasions have usually been when someone has asked me to read an angst-ridden poem of theirs.  That hasn’t happened recently, but it used to be fairly common back in the days I hung out with a lot of young people in their teens and early twenties.

So far as I can recall, the one thing all those poems shared was that they came across as whining.  Some of the poems were quite powerful: I still recall one that I thought at the time was so moving it could force me to eat three-o’clock-in-the-morning darkness.

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