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Is the Difference Love?

Break yourself.
Or have someone else do it.
(It’s easy. You’re frail, you know.)

Throw yourself into the ocean.
(Don’t be afraid.
It’s like baptism.)

Grinding tides
(with a bite)

Don’t fight.

Seasons scour, gales rend
Breakers crest,
And in the end

You are precious.
(A jewel.)

How to Make Sea Glass, by the gifted Carla, Carla’s Corner.


“At least 99.9% of everything good in my life has come to me through the door of pain.” — Dr. Andrea Dinardo, Thriving Under Pressure.


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It’s curious to me how much truth there is to the notion exquisitely expressed in Carla’s poem that we can come to be better people through adversity and suffering.

It is equally curious to me how much truth there is to the notion insightfully expressed by Andrea that most — or perhaps almost all — of the good things in our lives are in one way or another born of our pain and suffering.

I think both ideas might seem at first to be counter-intuitive.   Does not pain and suffering focus us on ourselves, make us self-centered — perhaps even bitter and cynical?   If so, how can it turn us into jewels?

Again, how can good things come of bad things?  How can blessings enter our lives through the door of pain and suffering?

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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: The Lonely People Who Confess Their Honest Truths

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

Majel, have you noticed how lonely Anaïs feels this morning?
Only an hour ago in 1936 I heard her weep, I heard her cry,
“I have just spat out my heart”.

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Carla’s Space

(About a 2 minute read)

My Beloved Flesh-Eaters,

For several years now, Carla has been a loyal and frequent reader of Café Philos, despite all my fervent efforts to discourage her so I wouldn’t need to work so hard coming up with new posts to satiate her bizarre cravings for my views and opinions.

I’ve tried everything.  Every reasonable thing.

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