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Walking With Robin

(About a 2 minute read)

“The morning sunlight, in the spring, bounces off the sconces on the pendulum lights [in my kitchen] and creates a star-like pattern on the ceiling.  It’s a signal that spring has arrived.” — Robin, Breezes at Dawn Blog [Brackets Paul’s].

Anyone wishing to find his or her own true voice — but who is uncertain what that means — would do well to study Robin’s posts on her blog, Breezes at Dawn.

Of course, it is nearly impossible today to express a wholly new idea, especially outside the sciences.  Those who do now and then manage to come up with something even approaching a wholly new idea tend to be keen observers, rather than creative alone.

Robin is quite obviously a keen observer (see above quote), but — offhand — I can’t recall her expressing any more original ideas than the rest of us.  What makes her voice her own are not the ideas she expresses, but the virtually unique and special way in which she expresses them.

In short, her style.

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A Sun Mountain Award for Robin at Bountiful Healing

Robin’s photoblog, Bountiful Healing, is among the most beautiful blogs I’ve come across on the net. It is not just the photos that are beautiful — though they are quite often strikingly beautiful — it’s also the spirit of her blog that’s beautiful.

Her skill and talent at photography is exceptional. She seems to me to have an eye for composition and color that is magical. That eye of hers can turn the mundane into the memorable. For instance, at this link she has a photo from Mt. Soledad in Southern California that actually makes a suburban housing development look both natural and inviting. Again, here she has captured water and sun so well that what might easily have been a boring photo was turned into a dance. Last, in this photo, she’s created a faerie realm out of an Eastern stream and woodland. None of these examples, good as they are, approach her best work. That is, I have not taken the liberty of spoiling her site for you.

Yet, besides the quality of her photos, her blog is outstanding for the peace it brings to you. Now, I’ve noticed there are blogs on the net that leave you with a bad aftertaste. Sometimes, you even want to take a shower after reading one of them. Well, Robin’s blog is the remedy for those. When you come across a blog that leaves you wanting to take a shower — go to hers next. It will leave you refreshed.

Robin typically captions her photos with quotations. And she often displays a gentle wit in her selection of which quote to caption a photo with. For those and other reasons, I am very proud to inflict the excruciating Sun Mountain Award on her.

Thank you for an outstanding blog, Robin!