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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: You Lawyered-Up

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

(About a 1 minute read)

I profoundly regret I am unable to accept
Your apology, your olive branch,
Your redress, your atonement
for the insult
You hurled at me today.

Alas! I find myself unable to accept your apology
On a mere legal technicality,
No more than a mere legal technicality.

The mere legal technicality
That you did not offer one.

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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: The Dawn Came Today, Came Cold, Came Beautiful

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

(About a 3 minute read)

“I can’t run no more
With that lawless crowd
While the killers in high places
Say their prayers out loud
But they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up
A thundercloud
And they’re going to hear from me”

— Leonard Cohen, Anthem

The dawn came today, came cold, came beautiful.

And why do all the pretty girls
Tell me stories of their cages?

And why do all the pretty girls
Tell me stories of their cages?

The snow fell today, fell cold, fell beautiful.

(Last night the clouds froze
And fell from the sky,
And I sang in the darkness before dawn,
Sang songs of aloneness,

Sang songs of things passing,
Sang songs of aloneness and things passing,

And I put on heavy skins.
I girded up my loins
And I put on heavy skins.)

Inside you this moment is an Australopithecus
Standing in the yellow grasses of Africa
Beneath the savanna’s copper sun,
Watching the thornbush for lions
And thinking to possess a mate.
And thinking to own someone.

Put on your white tie and your black dress
And convince yourself that is not you.
Your job is to convince yourself
That is not you.

You’re good at your job.
(But I am good at mine.)

She said, “I was worth a million dollars
But I let you pay a nickel for me
You wrote your name in my skin”.

Your name, now, is not you.
You must find a new name
And a better one, Ash.

The dawn came today, came cold, came beautiful.

I was thinking of you,  thinking of you.
You, who I heard singing today like a lonely crystal bird
In the coldest hour before the warming light.
You, who were singing in the hour before the warming light.

Who must be freed now
To sing the songs
The world must hear.

The world must hear your songs.
It is the world’s duty to hear your songs.

(The world is going to hear from you, Ash.
I am good at my job.)

The snow fell today, fell cold, fell beautiful.

Why can we not treat each other
Like we treat the dawn?

Why can we not see the beauty of each other
Like we see the beauty of the dawn?

Why can we not take inspiration from each other
Like we take inspiration from the dawn?

Why is it thinkable to possess one another
When it is not thinkable to possess the dawn?

Why is it thinkable to harm one another
When it is not thinkable to harm the dawn?

Why are there cages anyway?
Why are there cages anyway?

Why are there cages anyway?

Why do all the pretty girls
Tell me stories of their cages?

I have no more tears, Ash,
There are no tears left for you,
You, who must be freed,
You, who for the sake of the world,
Must with your sister be freed.
You two have come late

You have come late
And I have come to the end of my tears.
I have seen too much
And I have come to the end of my tears.

Here is my blood.

The verses quoted in this poem are from My Worth, by the gifted poet, AwkwardBear, who is referred to in the poem as “Ash”.

This poem was in part inspired by Carol A. Hand’s post that can be found here.

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The Morality of Putting People to Narrow Uses

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Paul offers his take on the morality of putting people to narrow uses, such as only being interesting in someone for sex, or only for their entertainment value.


THE CRITICS GO NUCLEAR!  “Once again, Paul Sunstone has taken it upon himself to discuss morality.  Hence, once again he has taken it upon himself to load a high calibre rifle with a shotgun shell.  Typical Sunstone, he is oblivious to the fact the shell didn’t fit, and he is just as oblivious to the fact his notion of morality does not fit the moral requirements nor standards of human nature.  Sunstone is proposing a moral code for bacteria.” — Gus “Gunning Gus” Johnson, The Blog Critic’s Column, “Leper’s Gulch Gazette”, Leper’s Gulch, Colorado, USA.

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The Lightness of Love. The Heaviness of Possession.

(About a 4 minute read)

This is how I explain it to myself.  Suppose you meet someone who soon delights you, but who you do not in any way think of as “yours”.  She’s not (at least not yet) your friend, or your lover, or your colleague, or your boss, or your employee, or your client, or your teacher, or your neighbor,  or your — anything.  She delights you, but — as we sometimes say — she means nothing to you.

Let’s say you met her because she sat down at the table next to you in a coffee shop.  Glancing over you see her take a novel out of her purse.  “What a striking cover! I’ve never seen another like it. Is it a good read?”  A conversation starts.  A few minutes later, you are thinking she’s an easy-going, down to earth, and rather delightful person.

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Dealing With Malicious People

(About a 4 minute read)

As everyone knows, the world has its malicious people.  One of the challenges malicious people pose for nearly everyone — even other malicious people — is their dagger words can wound us.

Quite a lot has been written about how to blunt, turn, or even turn back those daggers.

One of my favorite turn-backs was Churchill’s rebuke of Lady Nancy Astor, who according to the story, was Churchill’s harshest society critic.  One evening at a party she is reputed to have told him:

“Winston, if you were my husband, I’d poison your tea.”

To which he retorted:

“Nancy, if I were your husband, I’d drink it.”

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I Shamelessly Stole From Baffled Mum Today

Baffled Mum’s post today, “Who Will Miss You?” is an outstanding illustration of why I like to steal things.

That’s my polite way of saying the idea for this post is stolen from a post of hers.

[Back story] Baffy — as she kindly allows me to call her — Baffy overheard some jerk rhetorically asking someone, “Who will miss you!”  Being foolishly in possession of a heart just as big as her mind (Which seems at least big enough to embrace most anything she wants it to embrace), Baffy posted a concise, surgically accurate response on her blog. Nailed him, she did!  Didn’t call him out by name, but nailed him right properly and good. [/back story]

Here’s my favorite Baffy quote of them all, “Who are we to judge the worth of people anyway?”

Yay!  You go, Baffy! Stick it to that dragon!  That dragon of unnecessary and unwarranted ranking of ourselves and others.

All I want to know is just which god slammed a ten-foot high judge’s bench under the exalted butts of possibly three-quarters or more of humanity?

Call me crazy if you must, but somehow, I doubt anything divine had a hand in placing those benches under those butts.  Somehow, I smell the profane stench of self-righteous self-appointment.  Just ain’t nothing sacred about them benches at all, so far as I can see.

I agree with everything Baffy said today.  Just I want to add this.  Each and every act of abuse the world sees moment to moment of each minute of the day is to me evidence of our co-equality when it comes to our most fundamental human worth.

Every act of abuse from the father’s too sharp criticism of his child to the dictator’s bloody genocide, is evidence of why we must treat each other as equals in basic human worth.

Abuse — it all adds up to a price, a cost, humanity simply hasn’t got it to pay off.

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My Fateful Tears

(About a 2 minute read)

My second wife was brilliant, the daughter of an award-winning quality control engineer, and she had most — or more than most — of his genius in her own brains.

Her executive father played a key role in his company’s race be the first manufacturer in the world to reach the fabled Sigma 6 level of quality control.

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