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Unconditional Love

SUMMARY: There is a relatively rare form of love that is more of a perception — or way of perceiving the world — than it is an emotion.

(About a 6 minute read)

There is a kind of love that — even if it were unpleasant — would be worth experiencing.

This is what I call, “unconditional love”.  Buddhists, I believe, call it , “loving-compassion”, and Christians call it “agape”.  Many people around the world consider it the “highest” or most “pure” form of love.

Some other folks call it “altruistic love”, but I find that term misleading, not because there isn’t an element of altruism in it, but because altruism is so poorly understood, largely perhaps because it is so difficult to explain.

Many folks who have never experienced it do not believe it exists, or even reason that it logically cannot exist.

Unconditional love would be worth experiencing even if it were unpleasant (at least in my opinion) because it brings with it great insight into people and things, compassion, and a feeling or sense of renewal or rebirth — among other things.

But what is it?

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How Love Transforms Us

(About a 7 minute read)

One of the curious facts of human nature is that, if we are not rather frequently reborn through-out our lives, we suffer, and suffer greatly, for not having been reborn.  Equally curious is the fact the truth of that is not more widely recognized and understood.

Nearly everyone it seems has at least heard it is important to be true to oneself, or that a purposeful and meaningful life is a life worth living.  But the fact that life must involve a series of rebirths — that is largely missing from our general awareness of spiritual truths.

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How to Make a Good First Impression, the Quick, EZ Way

(About a 2 minute read)

Last night, I popped into an internet chat room only to discover that folks had been mentioning me.  “Ask Paul.”  “Paul will know.”  And so forth.  Obviously, someone was trying to figure out who’d given them a wedgie.

As it happened, I was wrong about that.  All they wanted were some “How-To” instructions on making a good first impression.  It was therefore simple enough for me to give them the do and don’t of the matter:

DO: Tell her about your three fulsome inches of government-inspected, women-pleasing, rocket-slide-ride.

DON’T: Actually show it to her, least she notice how much you’ve exaggerated the length.

Simple stuff.  Next question, please.  Let’s keep them moving.

Only they weren’t letting me off that easy.

Now the person who was actually posing the question has told me she has a short attention span.  So I decided to take that into account in answering her question about how to make a good first impression.  In short, I decided to stick to the gist.

“Basically, you ask questions in order to get them talking about themselves.  That’s it in a nutshell.”

It shouldn’t be too hard to do.  You will most likely be helped along by the fact that they will try to impress you by telling you all about themselves.

That’s what most people do,  they try to tell you impressive things about themselves, yet doing so tends to come across to most audiences as much less than deeply impressive.  You’ll notice most audiences are soon enough trying to change the subject.

On the other hand, if you can actually get interested in another human enough to ask them a fair number of questions about themselves, and then to listen attentively to their answers, you are all but certain to make a favorable first impression — if not always immediately written into their will.

You can add tons of stuff to what I’ve just said, but to me, it’s all finesse.  The gist is to get them talking about themselves.

Questions?  Comments?


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Divorcing Our Self from Our Self

(About a 7 minute read)

Shortly following university, I discovered I had a remarkably alarming problem: I had prudently made firm, long-term plans to eat during my life, but I was rapidly running out of money with which to buy groceries.  Some quick computer calculations showed beyond doubt that I would be out of eats significantly before my ideal lifespan had been reached.

I laid wise plans to rob old ladies of their Social Security checks.

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Do We Only Act from Self-interest?

(about a 3 minute read)

“No one does anything good, or kind unless it suits their own personal agenda whatever that may be, or they wish to be seen as good and kind.”  — Harry

Last night, a friend of mine asked me to take a look at Harry’s statement and offer an opinion of it.  The first thing that struck me about his notion that always act in our own self-interest was how popular it is.

Quite a few people today seem to subscribe to the cynical notion that people are only interested in themselves.  I’m not quite sure why the notion is so popular, but I come across it both on and off line.  If anything, it seems to me to be growing in popularity.

Like so much cynicism, it strikes me as having a bit of truth to it.  That is, it does seem to

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