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The High, Proud, and Ugly Wall that We Love

Between my beautiful neighbor
And my beautiful self
Is a high, proud, and ugly wall
Called “Ideology”.

She believes she can prove
What she cannot prove,
And I believe I can prove
What I cannot prove,

And we together believe
What we cannot prove
Is more important
Than what we can prove —

Which is that she lives,
And that I live,
And that we both live
Beautiful neighbors
To each other.

Beautiful neighbors
Who live on the only planet
In the solar system
That has turned loneliness
Into an art,

And an art into an obscenity.

She is wise and I am a fool
Or I am wise and she is a fool.
We have no means to decide
Which one of us is which,
But we both of us know
It just cannot be
We are both of us fools.

It just cannot be
We are both of us fools
Who breathe the same air,
Who waste the same life,
And who will someday
Die the same death.

My neighbor and I
Stand on the same side
Of a high wall
An ugly wall
A proud wall
Called “ideology”,

And on the other side
Is life.


The Ideas that Make Me Sigh

On a good day, I have twelve average ideas and maybe one really good one.  I sigh, try to focus on developing the one good idea, count my blessings.

On a bad day, I have one average idea and maybe twelve really good ones.  I sigh, give up hope of developing any of them because they come too fast and too many to focus on, curse my damn fecundity.


The Games People Play

Before you come to love someone, you might tell them jokes in the hope she or he will like you.  This is not a form of love, but rather a form of persuasion.

After you come to love someone, you might tell them the same jokes, but in the hope that her or his hours and burdens may be thus made lighter.  This is not a form of persuasion, but rather a form of love.

Far too many of us commit ourselves to marrying someone who charms us — but who charms us only in an effort to persuade us to like them.  Later, when these charmers have won our hearts, they so often lose interest in their game.  After all,  for them it has achieved its goal of winning our hearts and is thus completed and finished.

Some others of us commit ourselves to marrying someone who charms us — but who charms us in an effort to lighten our hours and burdens.  For these charmers, their game never loses their interest because it never reaches its goal.  After all, our hours and burdens will always be in need of being made lighter.


How Very Pleasant it is to Perv on You, My Friend!

I have recently become aware of something I should have noticed decades ago.  Looking at a friend’s face is emotionally uplifting.

I can hear your “D’uh’s”, dear readers!  Honestly, I am clueless why or how I have managed to reach the age of 62 before consciously observing what I now believe must have been happening all my life.  It is almost as if decade after decade of heavy drug and alcohol abuse has actually taken a toll on me! But how can that be possible?  Do not such things enrich and intensify our experiences of life?

Whatever the real cause, I only within the past few weeks have noticed the effect takes place — not just when I gaze upon the face of a woman I love — but when I look upon nearly any face belonging to a friend, male or female.  They only need to look happy.  Or at least, content.  The effect is far from being  very pronounced or dramatic, but it is still noticeable.  At least now it is.

Best of all, it seems the faces of friends serve as very mild anti-depressants.  They might be said to “adjust my attitude” or “put me in good sorts for awhile”.

I just hope I remember this pleasant discovery the next time I feel life has gotten too predictable, and that nothing of any real importance remains to be discovered on a personal level.

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All That Matters Now


I hear the leaves blow
Against our door tonight.
Dry leaves passing by,
Scratching against our winter door.

Sometimes I look up thinking, “She’s home”.

But it’s only a creak in the door,
And the leaves, the scratching leaves.

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There are Ghosts in Every Heart

The air is warmer
Than the spring tonight,
Cooler than the summer.

A half-moon has risen
But I cannot recall
Whether it waxes or it wanes.

It is three in the morning and thunder
Is rolling off the mountains,
There is lightening to the North.

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