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Elle: Nurse by Day, Stripper by Night

(About a 10 minute read)

The first thing I noticed about Elle was that she seemed mysteriously out of place.  She was sitting alone at a table in Shotgun Willies’, watching a young woman dance on one of the stages, and smoking a cigarette.

Because Elle was fully dressed in street clothes, I wasn’t sure what she was doing there?  Was she an erotic dancer?  Then why the clothes?  But if she wasn’t a dancer, what was she doing in an erotic dance club? I spent no little time wondering about her like that before she rose, crossed over to the other side of the room, and strolled through the dressing room door.

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Sometimes You’re My Hero

I love you toots.
I really love you.
Sometimes more than I love
Me, and I love me a lot.

You are not very rational.
You are not very creative.
You are not very smart.
And you live dysfunctional,
Addicted to dramas
That live only in your head,
Tripping over your own thoughts.

But babe, you face
The same lonely struggles
That I face too,

Only with twice my courage,
Three times my grace,
And kindness beyond
My deepest fathoming.

You’re more than my love,
Sometimes you’re my hero, too.

Life, Love, Nature, Poetry

Cruel at Times, But Always Beautiful

(About a 2 minute read)

Out in the darkness tonight
I hear a cough, then the screams.

Out further than my eyes
Can see in the night,
But close enough to feel
The cruelty of someone’s life
As it ends.

Cruel at times, but always beautiful,
Nature is always beautiful.

Once I was hiking
Up Barr Trail with a friend
When a streaking lion
Took down a deer
Thirty yards away,
And even before our eyes
Could properly
Get the focus of it.

I didn’t take sides
Then or later,
I didn’t take sides.
But I saw the beauty,
Saw the beauty
Of explosive death.

She, though, never went back,
Never again hiked Barr Trail,
Ever afterwards afraid
Of what she’d seen,
Or had not seen that day.

I don’t own a gun,
Don’t feel the need to kill,
But I recall the joy of it
From when I was young.

I’d rather talk with hunters
Than with sentimental souls,
So long as they don’t kill
For sport but for need.

The sentimental folks
Are good men and women,
But they don’t see
With their whole hearts
The beauty I see.
The beauty that I feel.

I’ve seen spiders
And I’ve seen flies.
And I’ve seen
The ferocity of spiders
Murdering flies.

I’ve seen with my whole heart
The ferocity of spiders
Murdering flies.

Nature even ugly is beautiful,
More beautiful sometimes
Than bearable:
Sometimes the beauty
Brings tears to your eyes.

No animal intends
The circle of life,
No one is happy
To suffer and die just
To feed a parasite,
A disease, or a lion.

That’s a myth.
A myth of someone
Who refused to look
With his whole heart
At what just is.

We were born on the savannas
Of Africa you and I,
Born between shit and piss:
Born to grow and bloom beautiful
Before we turn old and die.

Somewhere inside both of us
Is a truth that will forever live.
A truth you cannot see
Or even properly think about
With just half of your heart engaged.

But a truth that will forever live.
A truth that will always be green,
An undivided truth
Only revealed through love.

Alienation, Apathy, Human Nature, Impermance, Life, Love

Were We Fated to Come to This?

(About a 1 minute read)

You sit in your chair
I sit on my couch
Our eyes sharing
Only the TV screen.

Which might as well now
Be a wall between us
That excuses us
From looking
At each other.

You hear me
Without speaking,
You speak to me
Without hearing, too.

Has it come to this?

Come at last to us,
The couple whose laughter
Once made strangers
Giggle and smile?

The pair whose eyes
Danced in candlelight
Across a small table
We both complained
Separated us by miles.

You could not touch
My skin nearly enough
Back when our days
Seemed dew-strewn.

Were we the two lovers
We once saw on the lake
Standing in the fires
Of a burning sunset?

Or was that someone,
Someone else now?

Now when I hear
Your heart beating
It sounds to me
Like a dog barking,
Raging against its chain,
Trying for its life
To jerk free.

Was it fated for us
To come so far
Just to come to this?

Are all couples now
Fated to come so far,
Just to come to this?

I’ll leave you
If I can’t
Leave you today.

It’s for your best
And for mine —
My last ember of love,
The last one that’s left,
The last thing
I can do for you now.

Humor, Poetry, Sex

The Thoughts That Bring Humble Tears to My Eyes

Dedicated to all the tragic women
who know me and whose bodies
Thus ache for mine…


I am of course a sensitive man,
Far from callous towards the needs
Of womenfolk. Far from a brute
To their legitimate desires.

And so I am pained sometimes,
At night when in bed alone,
So pained I can all but hear
Their whispering hearts moan,
Soft as tender moss in a wind,
And tragically yearn for me.
Moan and yearn for me.

Me, a man of awesome proportions
Down there — Simply awesome
Down there.

Simply awesome.

Fully three astounding inches
Of power-packed, thrusting,
Lust-inducing love rocket,
And fully rampant at times
With compassion for the babes
Out there.

Alas! In my sensitive soul
I must hear their skin cry out
Bitter in their nights —
Aghast that I am celibate!

Disbelieving, shaking their heads
Even as they sleep,
I can feel them out there —
I know the women roll in bed,
Tossing, turning, denying it’s so,
Dreaming, dreaming on
In anguished disbelief.

Thus, once again I must fall asleep,
Tonight once again I must fall asleep,
With these troubled thoughts that bring
Humble tears to my compassionate eyes.

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The Importance of Redemption

(About a 5 minute read)

I sometimes get the impression that plenty of us tackle the big ideas in life almost the day we escape our cribs for the first time.

“Gurk! Life is mine to seize! I see it clearly now.  I shall be my own hero. Gerp!” Or, “Poppels! But our capacity to love is what most defines us as moral. Twurks!  What’s this?  Why, it must be what what ma-ma calls, ‘poo’.  And look!  It’s endlessly shape-able!”

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Paul’s Daily Half-Dozen Fun Questions for Your Perusal and Pleasure (August 15, 2018)

Warm rain or light snow: Which do you prefer to walk in?

What was the last wild mammal you saw, and when did you see it?

Have you ever hiked a mountainous trail, and if so, in which mountain range was it?

When was the last time you came close to death?

How many people make your ideal size group for an evening of socializing?

Have you ever vowed to become a better conversationalist, and how did that work out for you?