For You My Love, For You…a Cat

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would marry heaven to hell
Then myself serve
As their marriage counselor.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would make a spice-less salsa
Out of chopped turnips
Then eat it as my chip-dip
For a month.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would declare myself
In the market for a game PC
Then handwrite thank-you notes
To everyone who swears
I need their advice.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would burn a hundred meals
And still eat them all
While listening to tween love songs
And pouring over FaceBook kitten photos.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would refuse
To look at the beauty
Of the moon,
Of a sunrise,
Of a woman,
Of a friendship,
Of a truth
For a whole week.
For a whole week
I would refuse to see
the beauty of this world,
I would refuse to embrace life
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would write one poem,
And only one poem,
Inviting your cat
To sleep between us tonight.
In my life, I would even tolerate
Your cat to sleep between us
For just this once,
For just tonight.
For you my love,
For you.

For you my love,
For your love, my love,
I would shamelessly
Use your cat as the excuse,
As the ice-breaker,
To suggest that you and I
Sleep together tonight,
Sleep together tonight
For our first time ever.
For you my love,
For you.


The Shocking Differences Between Science, Art, and Philosophy!

(Under a six-minute read.)

I am of the firm, but alarming opinion that you, O Reader, woke up this very morning thirsting to know the real and true differences between a science, an art, and a philosophy.

In fact, I am of such a firm opinion that you woke up yearning to learn all about that issue this morning, that I fully aim to quite soon embark upon bringing about your glorious enlightenment in the matter.

Never mind that you yourself most likely know this stuff already.

Never mind that!  Please say you want to hear all about it!  Please!  Otherwise I will have woken up this morning thinking about this stuff for nothing!  For no useful reason at all!

Anyway, here’s the easiest way I can think of to summarize the differences…

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I Bleed Out

I want to open
The western gate.

I want to open
The setting sun
And pass through to the night.

I want to seize heaven
And shake down the fiery stars.

The stars to brand on your thighs
With my lips, with my kisses,

And then begin weeping.

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Some human on the TV was claiming that “meatless meat” vegan hamburgers are a plot by “Lucifarians”, as he called them, to “change your DNA so that you are no longer human and Jesus cannot save you.”

Humans!  We only have one rock.  Even if a few of us make it to the stars, the vast masses of us will never escape this rock, nor each other.  We sink or swim together.  We face at least half a dozen existential threats these days.  Is this really a good time to be messing with people’s heads about something as harmless as vegan hamburgers?  Can’t that TV preacher make enough money some honest way?

I think it must be greed and only greed that drives him to make up scary stories to get donations.  It is so sad to realize so many people will believe him, will send him money.  It is so sad to know that his kind of behavior pays off, and pays off big.

“The Truth goes begging”, Luther said, “While sin has ample wages.”

I know now we are headed for extinction.  It might take ten thousand years — but we will go extinct.  And in evolutionary terms, we will go in the blink of an eye.   This TV preacher — he has convinced me we are going extinct.

It is just before dawn.  I have only just discovered the video of the preacher.  I am shocked.  In an hour, I hope to be myself again.  I hope to be more optimistic than I am at the moment.  In fact, I am sure I will bounce back — no one can stay as far down as that preacher has knocked me.  I will bounce back.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day.


I Remember the Night the Wind Took Your Clothes

I remember the night
The wind took your clothes;
Took your clothes and tossed them…

— or was it your heart
That tossed them away?

I remember the night
The wind took your will,
Took your will
And left you nothing,
Nothing but a fire.

Or was it your love
That had its way with your will,
That committed the arson
That got us in bed?

Yeah, I think it was…
I think it was love,
That same love we denied,
Denied over the years
We laughed with each other,
Talked with each other,
Danced with each other,
And cried the same tears.

I remember the night,
I remember it now,
The night the wind took our clothes.

Yeah, our clothes —
Along with out masks,
Our fronts and our faces,
And blew all that hooey away.
Blew it away.
Blew all that hooey away.

Miscellaneous, Poetry

The High, Proud, and Ugly Wall that We Love

Between my beautiful neighbor
And my beautiful self
Is a high, proud, and ugly wall
Called “Ideology”.

She believes she can prove
What she cannot prove,
And I believe I can prove
What I cannot prove,

And we together believe
What we cannot prove
Is more important
Than what we can prove —

Which is that she lives,
And that I live,
And that we both live
Beautiful neighbors
To each other.

Beautiful neighbors
Who live on the only planet
In the solar system
That has turned loneliness
Into an art,

And an art into an obscenity.

She is wise and I am a fool
Or I am wise and she is a fool.
We have no means to decide
Which one of us is which,
But we both of us know
It just cannot be
We are both of us fools.

It just cannot be
We are both of us fools
Who breathe the same air,
Who waste the same life,
And who will someday
Die the same death.

My neighbor and I
Stand on the same side
Of a high wall
An ugly wall
A proud wall
Called “ideology”,

And on the other side
Is life.