Paintings and Drawings

Now and then, I dabble in drawing and painting.  I’m neither prolific nor accomplished at either art, but their practice is almost meditative for me.  Drawing and painting — especially painting — seem to be “centering” experiences.  Below is a selection of my work, or as I like to think of them, “my full frontal assaults on the noble science of aesthetics”.  I’ve been drawing for a while, but I first took up acrylics in 2012.

The Spanish Woman. Graphite on paper (circa 2000)


Lovers. Graphite and charcoal on paper (circa 2000)

Young Woman on a Rail. Graphite on paper (circa 2000)

Harriet. Acrylic on canvas (2013)

Don. Acrylic on canvas (2014)

Father and Son. Acrylic on canvas (2014)

Brett in a Blue Hat I. Acrylic on Canvas (2015)

Brett in a Blue Hat II. Acrylic on Canvas (2015)

“M”. Acrylic on Canvas (2015)

Afternoon Light. Acrylic on Canvas (2015)

Hands. Acrylic on canvas (2015)

Dr. Cohen. Acrylic on canvas (2016)

Terese. Acrylic on canvas (2017)

5 thoughts on “Paintings and Drawings

  1. These are very good Paul. All of them have that touch of sensitivity and are quite unique in their own way. I was particularly drawn to the Father and Son but really each of them has something rather quirky and special.

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