Alleged Poems


Against the Next War

And Though We Love Imperfectly

A Fact of Science

A Letter to Find in the Morning

A Life Littered With Kindnesses

A Morning Poem

A Poem Is A Little Death Laid Aside

A River Runs Beneath Us

An Eulogy for Undying Love

And the Coyotes Yearned in the Night

All of Those are Tragedies 

Bad Poem! Bad Poem! No Treat For You!

Better Loves Than We Had

Chat Room Love


Cruel at Times, But Always Beautiful.

Fit Words For Birdie

From the Ceiling of a Mere Bathroom

Gabrielle, Gentle Gabrielle

Grace in the Night

“He Kept the Law and Saved the World for You, Praise be!”

Her Sheer Good Luck That I Cared

How Many Souls Would We Need

How One Poet Found His Muse

How to Kill Your Creativity

Hymn To the Creator

Increasing Her Afterglow

I Left Her in the Care of 27 Clowns

I Remember

I Want Your Heart to Rise

If I Got My Hands on You

In the Stillness of the Mountains

It Was a Good Life and It Was Ours

I’m No Longer a Virgin Anymore

I’ve Told You Now

It’s Fun to Make Fun of New Zealand

It’s Wonderful to Be Reborn as Yourself 

Kenyon Road

Love is Timeless

Magic Got the Upper Hand in Her Calculations


Naked in the Falling Snow

Never Break The Circle

New Worlds

No One Shall Build Tall Things In the New Darkness

Of All That Her Heart Ever Past to Mine

Once You Wanted to Give Yourself to Me

One Way To Pay A Bill

Our Age of Deep Stupid

Our Days Were Light as Mouse Farts

Promise Me, Tomorrow’s Dead Man


Revenge is All in How it’s Done

“Rise Up! Rise Up Instead!”



Secrets Within Secrets

Sex is Sacred so She Said

Signaling Jupiter


Silver Dolphins (For Leah at 12)

Six Colors In Your Hair

So Gentle and So Graceful as Loving You

Sometimes You’re My Hero

Somewhere in the Vicinity of Your Heart

Tara Lynn

That Too Astonished Me

There are no Troubles can Crush Fire

The Cicada 

The Dedicated Blogger

The Fires on Clinton Lake

The Great Goddess of Love

The Hands Remember

The Latest American Dream

The Lives I’ve Been Told

The Logic Of Magic

The Mists

The Moon Seems a Foot Beyond My Hand

The Puzzled Flowers of Monument Creek

The Real Reason Some of Us are Stupid

The Shell Protecting My Heart

The Stolen Star Child

The Thoughts That Bring Humble Tears to My Eyes

The Tragic Fate of a Los Angeles Suck Artist

Throw Your Rockets Far

Top 40 Lovers

Waking In A Coffeeshop

Were We Fated to Come to This?

When I Really Want to Travel 

Whispers To the River

Who Comes By Far

Who First Created the Gods?

Why I Only See a Ghost in You

Why, I Wonder, Do You Think You Love Me?

Without You

You and Me Looked At From Up On a Mountainside

You Have Days