What Have You Been Studying?

What have you been studying recently?

What’s the most striking thing you have found out?

I take notes when reading up on something. I have done almost no reading up on anything new for the past six weeks, but — going back further than six weeks — the four most recent subjects I have read up on (according to my notebooks) are:

(1) The impact of French postmodernism on the West with especial reference to its consequences for erotic pole dancing.

(2) The concept of arete in ancient Greek culture, including Kitto’s analysis of arete’s role in the aesthetic maturation of ancient Greek pole dancing.

(3) Newberg’s five characteristics of enlightenment experiences as revealed via fMRI brain scans of erotic pole dancers.

(4) Kolmogorov’s contributions to probability theory and especially the application of his contributions both to random walks and to random pole dance maneuvers.

As you can see, I’m a scatter-brain with no known center of focus.


On Things that Begin with an Onion

One day a man began to wonder
If he should put an extra onion in his pocket.

The question nagged him until he became restless
So he threw on his jacket, then strode out his door —
Planning to walk up an answer.

But soon he came upon a woman so beautiful
The soles of his feet tingled to be in the same world as her,
And when she began to sing (la la la
La la la), yearning overtook him.

He was at such a loss what to say to her,
The words that fell from his mouth —
His own words —
Sounded to him like complete strangers.

“I like magenta too”, he told her suddenly,
Referring to the color of her spring dress.
“Especially when it glows in the moonlight
On those nights the cicada shake the air
Like a ship’s wake shakes the sea.”

His tongue stumbled, “But I…I mean….”

“Yes”, she said in a golden voice
That flowed with compassion and a deeper understanding,
“I see by your eyes you recognize my beauty,
But do you also see my scars?
And can you read in them my travels,
Can you read in them my stars?”

Then her tongue stumbled, “But I…I mean….”

A light breeze rose and danced away,
Six sparrows burst from a hedge
In a passionate snapping of wings.

The sun fell between gentle branches
To sway across the dappled lawn.

On the horizon, the mountains were
Thrown down from the sky,
Crumpled and piled up
Like faint blue linen rags.

Eyes now fated, met.
Eyes now met, smiled;
Eyes now smiling, bonded
As time cartwheeled by
Like an onion
Tossed and skipping down a hill.

This poem is a reworking and expansion on a poem posted several months ago.


He was Joking! …um…I hope.

A friend of mine just a few minutes ago referred to my personality as “exciting as a literary review of blogs about sock drawers.”

I am still laughing because, of course, he was joking.  What a good joke!

Um… you do think he was joking, don’t you?

Um… of course he was joking, right?

All the best,
Paul “Hope Springs Eternal” Sunstone



Corny Love Poem #47

My dear, my darling, my heart,

Without you,
I would never start.

I would stay in bed beyond the dawn.
I would miss the dew upon my lawn.

I would not smell the morning air.
I would not wake, nor would I care.

I would not hear the birds were singing.
I would to my sheets still be clinging.

Without you, my darling love,
Without you, my dearest heart,
I would never start
(Unless I was thrown
From my bed
By my farts).




If you are not now and then falling on your face, you are not reaching to do your best, you are not trying to achieve your excellence, your arete.

You are not trying to achieve your arete, you are not trying to live.

No, if you are not now and then falling on your face, you are playing it safe.

Technically, you are alive.  Technically, you are on the dance floor. Technically, your moment has come to dance, to live.

But you are playing it safe.

You are not dancing, you are standing still.

You are not dancing, you are not trying to achieve your excellence, your arete.

You are standing still.  You do not reach, you do not explore, you do not experiment.

You stand still, or you run in ruts.  You do not reach.

Yes, you are safe from falling.  Yes, you are safe from over-reaching.

Only you have turned to stone.

You have turned to stone

On the dance floor of life.