My Ex Thought I was God!

My second ex-wife thought I was so good in bed that I must be god. Sometimes in bed, she would even call me “God! God!”

But then at other times, she would call me, “Jim! Oh, Jim!” And even now and then, “Steve!”

I assume she was a Trinitarian.


A Glass for the Lovers

Sitting in Rico’s
On a winter’s afternoon.

Recalling how Meili was so beautiful
That I thought her name was “Life”.

Thinking how fate
Arrived on a pale horse to part us.

Remembering when my eyes
Turned as hard as shadows on the moon.


We all want to believe the stories
That our greatest love is our destiny.

We all want to believe intimacy so profound
Never turns to ashes scattered in a bitter sea.


We all want to believe.



Come! But come, I’ll buy a glass for you
On this winter’s afternoon.

A glass for you, and a glass for the things
That are fated to be.

A glass for you, and a glass for the lovers
That must bleed out to the sea.

Come! But come before the river flows past,
For the river can never flow back.