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THE CRITICS RESPOND! Aloyse Leblanc on Marysa Storm’s “Coffee Shop Dates”

THE CRITICS RESPONDBrothers!  Sisters! An alarm!  A warning! A Tragedy has struck!  Struck all the World!  All of us in the World of Blogging!

The Grand Fraud of Blogging American once more inflicts his impossible darkness upon our World.  His incomprehensible night! May demons possess his testicles for this one.  Only the demonic possession of his testicles can satisfy my just outrage, my fair and balanced thirst for revenge.

The Fraud, Paul Sunstone, has crapped a stinking poetry prompt in the pubic square that is our World.  Tragically, there has already been a response, an acceptance of Sunstone’s merde.

The precociously gifted young poet, Marysa Storm, author of The Four Stages of Poetry, in her innocent naïvité, has responded to this Sunstone’s execrable prompt with youthful charm and beauty.  The trust of youth!  The innocent trust of youth!  The tragedy of youth!

It is a work wholly and entirely undeserved by the Fraud.  Merely listen to this music while asking yourself, “What ever, even once, has the Grand Fraud of Bogging American, Paul Sunstone, done to have earned this music?”  The question has one and only one proper answer.  “The guillotine must be returned to its fair and just use.  We must send this Sunstone to his final judgment.”  Just listen!

“Interlocking our fingers on the table, I promise no matter the fight, I’ll hold your hand through the battle.”

“Conversation is effortless…a game-show host reading off a script…your laugh gives the winning answers.”

Read her words yourselves, my friends.  Read them here, at her blog, Marysa Writes. Then you must ask yourselves, ‘What has the Grand Fraud of Blogging American done that justly deserves such a response?”

Brothers! Sisters! See for yourselves the nature of this hideous beast!  This incomprehensible evil that now goes by the name of The Café Philos Poetry Prompt for Outlaw Boys and Girls — and Them that Will be Wild ThingsOnly then you will know why you must take to your streets!  Only then you will know why you must demand the return of the guillotine!

— Aloyse Leblanc, Le Critique Passionné de Blog, “La Tribune Linville”, Linville, France.

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