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In Which I Savage Amanda Reilly Sayer’s Most Recent Post

A kind man, a humane man, a fair and just man would sing to you, Dear Readers.  Sing nothing less or other than full-throated words of praise for Amanda Reilly Sayer’s most recent post.

By gods! He’d sing loud of Amanda Reilly Sayer, and of her post!  And he’d be doing it for you, Dear Readers, he’d be doing it for your own benefit.  He’d say, “Treat yourself today to what deep down you know you deserve now and then: A damn good post.”

That’s what a fair and just man would do — both for Amanda and for you.

Quite unfortunately, I am by no means that kind of man.  I am instead by far a fashionable man. a worldly man, a modern man of the internet and most of its social media — which is to say, I am a hyper-critical jerk.

Or at least I’m darn good at channeling the spirit of gratuitous criticism that seems to be all the rage today on most of the nets social media platforms.  FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

The gods bless WordPress for creating the ban button.

Most social media seems to be a vividly illustrated lesson in how a few bad apples can spoil the fun for everyone else.

Truly it must be said now that Amanda Reilly Sayer’s most recent post is damned, damned and condemned by a perfectly insufferable title.  Screw the rest of it!  The brilliant, beautiful rest of it. I must in my absolute duty to JUSTICE™ and TRUTH™ focus on her weak and insipid post title. #makeartwhereyoufindit

Could there possibly be a greater affront to any genuinely enlightened and awake person?  Let’s all jump on her now!  Humanity must be made flawless!  ‘Tis our duty to make humanity flawless!

But first, before we justly make another Christ of Amanda, I need to take a break from my inner jerk.  I need to send him off on a mission to invite the Incels to her lynching.

While Donald Twitter, My Inner Jerk, is away, let’s you and I, Dear Reader, get honest about Amanda’s post.  Her theme is the key value and worth to us of living more satisfying and fulfilling lives by taking a few moments each day to cultivate the beauty next to us that we might otherwise miss and overlook.

She gives a perfectly charming example of just how that can be done.  But I won’t spoil it for you by describing her example here.  I think you’ll want to see her illustrated example yourselves.

I read her post as slowly as my impatient self could manage in order to savor every nuance of what she was saying.  I read it as slowly and lovingly as my two ex-wives used to incessantly beg for me to eat their cooking, rather than pounding it down, burping, and excusing myself from the table.  It was worth it  (except for the gross post title).

Amanda makes some lip-smacking good points about art as a means of — not merely living life — but flourishing while we are alive to flourish.  You might want to check her out for some tips and inspiration on making your days better, and your nights without Paul Sunstone at least tolerable.

Jerk!  You’re back!

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